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Vietnam Non Profits
Vietventures/Vietnam information guide is pleased to present below a list of various Vietnam charities, which in our opinion have shown the kind of integrity that we've felt good enough to give free space to on our website. Despite the rapid growth of Vietnam's economy and changes to it's fundamental structure over the years, much remains to be done in order to help everyday people who thru no fault of their own find themselves to be in a less than adequate life. Did you know there are still hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese babies born every year with physical and mental defects directly attributed to the dropping of large quantities of chemicals (Agent Orange) during the Vietnam war? It's true and this monumental chemical pollution which has been essentially disregarded by the people who ordered this crime against humanity did I fact pollute the water table and to this day, babies are born with severe physical and metal defects which in essence has condemned these poor kids of a life of hardship to which they have no one to rely on for life's sustenance except for the good people who show their care by making donations of money, time and effort, both in Vietnam as well as the USA and the rest of the world.
Below you will find links to groups and organizations, which go the extra mile in helping the people who need it most. Won't you give just a little?
For those of you who want to get more personally involved, we will accept donations which we will personally send to the people in these orphanages and if your donation is large enough, we will (at your cost) provide you with photos of the actual foods, medicines, books, computers, and all other life's essentials along with the people who actually distribute them.

My wife and I have zero tolerance for so called "non profit groups" to which only a small percentage of Vietnam donations actually reach the people. Hence this highly personal service is available to good people who wish to make direct contributions and have us handle the actual procedure. Please bear in mind that everything costs money in this world and therefore we will not respond to generic emails. But if you want to be involved substantively, then contact us here, or better yet, fill out the order form with your payment and in the special notes section, tell us where ( only available in South Vietnam at this time) you want this money to go and in what form.
Cam On! (Thank you)
Tom and Hanh
Vietventures Personal Vietnam Donations click order form.
Enter amount and in special notes, write what you would like to provide and to whom. Donations under $500.00 will go into special pool and you WILL receive a confirmation when donations ( food, medicine, English learning books and instructions, medical services, blankets, toys for the kids and all other essentials) are distributed detailing where they've been given and what was provided. For an extra $50.00 USD, we will provide you with actual photos and if you so desire, also allow your name and address be known to the orphanage or actual persons receiving your donation so they can send you a letter of thanks. Due to the costs of our personal efforts in this, be advised that 90% of your donation WILL get to the people. The other 10% helps us defray our costs of administering these donations.
Vietnam Information Guide ( Vietventures.com) is pleased to showcase below a number of Vietnam charitable organizations that we feel deserve a second look from people who are interested in working in Vietnam, or who are interested in lending a helping hand thru charitable contributions or with your time. As time goes on you will notice one or more "stars"(*) next to these listings, or a question mark ( ? ). The stars mean that we have personally spent some of our time in researching these Vietnam charities, with more than one star denoting our opinion that that specific charitable organization is doing good things in Vietnam. A question mark denotes our opinion that what this specific organization is doing is questionable to us and could eventually be eliminated from our list.

Eventually, you will also see a button or banner link to specific charitable organizations. This does not necessarily mean that these organizations have paid for this placement. On the contrary, if we place a button or banner on this website for a Vietnam charity it is because we are quite impressed with what this specific Vietnam charity is doing and are doing our part to illuminate them.

We hope you will find it in your heart to help out in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam Relief Effort is a non-profit that seeks to bring aid - through educational, medical and relief projects - to impoverished regions of Vietnam. The organization aims to make a long-term difference by providing people with the tools and education they need.

  • Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) - An Online Cooperative of People Adopted From Vietnam

  • Alliance for Youth Achievement - Children of Peace International has established four orphanages throughout Vietnam.

  • Aid to Southeast Asia - A people-to-people, international aid project contributing to world peace and respect for human rights.
  • Amerasian Network - non-profit organization providing food, shelter, health care and education for Amerasians and other orphaned or displaced young people in Vietnam

  • Ao Trang - Orphanage

  • Association Aide Dentaire Vietnam (French) - L’association Aide Dentaire Viêt-Nam (Loi 1901) est à but humanitaire et fut fondée en 1991 par un groupe d’amis sensibilisés par la situation sanitaire désastreuse de ce pays. Notre but consiste à apporter au Viêt-Nam des moyens logistiques, pédagogiques et humains essentiellement en vue de prodiguer des soins dentaires aux populations démunies.

  • Catalyst Foundation - Children of Vietnam - "Every child deserves a home, a family, a future." - Betty Tisdale, "Angel of Saigon", Founder of Helping and Loving Orphans (HALO)

  • CHEER ("Culture, Health, Education and Environmental Resources") for Vietnam - dedicated to projects that improve the quality of life of underprivelidged children and people in Vietnam, promote cross-cultural and educational understanding and collaboration between Vietnam and the United States; and advocates for environmental sustainability and world peace.

  • Christina Noble Childrens' Foundation

  • Clear Path International - At Clear Path, we serve landmine and bomb accident survivors, their families and their communities in former war zones in Southeast Asia. This assistance takes the form of medical and social services to survivors and their families and equipment support to local hospitals. Our current projects are in Vietnam, Cambodia and on the Thai-Burma border
  • Dieu Giac Temple Orphanage (Nha Tinh Thuong Dieu Giac) shelters
    and cares for 112 orphans age from two months to 15 years old
    of different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds.

  • East Meets West Foundation - non-profit humanitarian relief organization providing economic, health, and community development resources to
    the people of Vietnam.

  • Enfants du Mekong (French) - Venir en aide à la communauté asiatique.

  • Family with Children from Vietnam - FCV is an on-line support group for families interested in adoption from Vietnam. We are NOT an adoption agency.

  • Far East Help Foundation - non-profit organization with focus on
    helping the poor, abandoned, and abused children in Vietnam.

  • Fraternite Europe-Asie (French) - Aider les orphelins, étudiants et enfants de la rue au Vietnam.

  • Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation - Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation was founded due to the initiative of a number of leading Vietnamese social workers, lawyers, professors, business people and religious groups, all of whom shared an interest in social work and a desire to do something for the disadvantaged children of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • International Assistance & Adoption Project - IAAP has been providing adoption services for families wishing to adopt from Vietnam since 1990.

  • Japanese Group of Private Assistance to Vietnam (JAPA) - In Vietnam there are many people who are doing their best to better the lives of people and communities suffering from real poverty. They run small economic and educational projects in rural and urban areas. Japa Vietnam, as a private organization, is assisting some of them.

  • L'Olivier du Monde (French) - Aider les enfants défavorisés de la rue au Vietnam.

  • Les organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) françaises intervenant au Vietnam (French)

  • Mam Non - Sharing Vietnamese culture with the adoption community

  • Medical Committee Netherlands - Vietnam

  • Milkcare Foundation - Provide free soybean milk and educational assistance to these needy children and orphans Help to pay teachers' salaries

  • Orphelinat Hoa Mai (French) - Gestion d'un orphelinat au Viêt-Nam
    et organisation de stages en milieu hospitalier vietnamien pour élèves
    infirmier et médecins

  • Physician Education Program - Founded in 1998 to help develop and implement basic postgraduate medical education for physicians in rural and underserved Vietnam.

  • Project Vietnam by Catherine Mossop and Adrian Cornelissen. Their desire to make a difference in the lives of people no longer was held in by the borders of Canada, but reached into Asia, and more specifically, Viet Nam.

  • Project Vietnam - A non-profit, non-sectarian international Health Project of the California Chapter 4 - American Academy of Pediatrics founded in 1996 to provide healthcare assistance to children in Vietnam.

  • Saigon Children's Charity - In poor urban districts and remote rural areas we build small community schools. Our schools provide a basic education giving the children the gift of literacy. We provide books, pens, clothes and sometimes food - encouragement to children to study hard and incentives to parents to let their children go to school. In some schools we establish libraries for the use of pupils and parents...

  • Southeast Asian Children's Assistance Project (SEACAP) - A nonprofit corporation in Washington State and recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in Southeast Asia.

  • Social Assistance Program For Vietnam (SAP-VN) - humanitarian organization which provides direct relief to needy people, especially handicapped children in Vietnam.

  • Street Children of Vietnam - An overview of the work that "Vets With A Mission" is doing in Vietnam with Orphan and Street Children.

  • Sunflower Mission - A nonprofit organization committed to improve the lives of the people in Vietnam, mainly through educational assistance programs…

  • Tinh Thuong - Helping, Educating, Loving the Poor in Vietnam

  • Vietnam Charities - A U.S.-based non-profit organization providing aid to the disadvantaged in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Friendship Village Project - a multinational effort to build a small village near Hanoi, Viet Nam which will be home to approximately 250 Vietnamese children and elders with special needs who have no families, or whose families need assistance in caring for them.

  • Visionary for Vietnam

  • VNhelp - Founded in 1991, VNhelp is a project-oriented, non-profit, tax-exempt, non-governmental organization. VNhelp's Mission is to assist children, families, and communities in Viet Nam in the areas of education and health care, and to promote cultural exchanges between Viet Nam and the United States.

  • VNaid - A non-profit, non-governmental, and non-religious organized by a group of vietnamese in Silicon Valley, California. The primary goal of VNaid.org is to relieve victims in Vietnam caused by natural disasters. The team core is managed by a group of Vietnamese employees at Cisco Systems.

  • Wheelchair Project - Berlin
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